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Ravenscraig Road, London


Having completed the house and fed up with the flooding patio it was time to focus on the garden and create a space to enjoy, have a superb picture to look at all year and most importantly entertain in.

Here is the result.

The Hook, London


A tired looking deck in need of tlc. The client wanted a complete overhaul and for us to create a modern, clean look to transform the area. The core of the brief was to deliver the ultimate entertaining area for both day and night with in built seating, lighting, fire pit and a water feature.

Park Avenue North, London


A garden that did not compliment the house renovations. The brief was to create a garden that extended from the house and felt part of it, but also delivered seclusion, softness and modernity. A composite Millboard deck was laid directly from the patio doors to elongate the dining area and bring the outside in. Mature planting, real turf, wood panelling and lighting achieved the softness.

A lovely space to be in.

Byng Road, London


This was a blank canvas! The brief was to create a low maintenance ‘private’ garden that was not boring, complemented the extension and would give lots of seasonal interest. We cleared their whole garden of Leylandii trees and an old bomb shelter and eight skips later it was ready! A sundowner patio, with a reflective pool and bridge takes you through to the back of the garden and kids play area beyond.

Thornton Road, London


A new modern extension had been completed and the garden did not compliment the new build. The client wanted the garden to be an ‘extension’ of the kitchen. The design echoes the geometric lines of the extension and kitchen to create a modern, simple outlook.

Knebworth Close, London


The classic new build garden where the developers just laid a lawn on a slope. Lazy! After living with the ‘grass’ for 6 years the owners felt it was time to give themselves a garden. They are very social with a young family so a large patio was a must for entertaining and a grass play area for the kids, plus of course lots of seasonal colour.

Carnarvon Road, London


With the front garden being the clients only garden to enjoy this brief was deliver slightly more than just a 'smart front garden in keeping with the Victorian property'. The usual issue of  'access for the bins'  was rectified by adding two gates into the wall, meaning we could use the whole of the front area as 'the garden' and give them a small seating area and seasonal planting that looks great all year. Of course the wall, gate and the beautiful Victorian path finishes it off.

Archway, London


A garden that did not utilise its potential. The grass was more hassle than it was worth!

The back of the garden was the sunny spot, so this was used to its full potential with a patio and offset borders to create a walkway from the house to the back patio.

Rathcoole Gardens, London


The client never went in the garden as it felt so depressing and oppressive. They asked us to overhaul the garden to accommodate the trampoline (which actually took up most of the garden!). The challenge was how to deliver a design that allowed for a generous deck area, storage for four bikes, a path to the studio at the back, planting, and of course a massive trampoline. This is the result…

Daneland, London


This brief was ‘what can we do with the garden as it is boring and we need a path to the studio at the back’. The garden slopes in all directions, down and sideways. The budget was not there for any levelling so we had to be clever with our shaping and building. Introducing some simple shape to the garden and a ‘rustic’ path that goes with the flow of the garden worked. Add some planting and the brief was answered.

Union Street, London


The client had recently moved to the property and found the garden drab and depressing. The brief was to create an oasis that delivers visual peace and interest. A very small area, 3m x 10m, it was quite a challenge, but with some re-configuration of the garden, simple design and brave fence painting the garden has achieved this. This was a lovely project to work on and made more so by the clients love of her new space and how much pleasure she now gets from her oasis.

Frith Mead, St Albans


Recently retired and having neglected the garden through their working lives they wanted to ‘sort out the garden’ and utilise the beautiful river they have at the bottom of their garden.

The river should be the focus as it is so special and rare so we created something that felt like a ‘river bank’ making the garden feel infinite and merging visually with the river beyond. The remainder of the garden was re-shaped and packed with seasonal colour.

Park Avenue South, London


Our brief here was to do a garden with no mud! Having a dog (Barney), kids who play football and having just done a new build they were fed up with mud in the house. They asked for a simple, open, usable space and opted for artificial turf and raised beds to stop Barney! A very simple design that gives some interest and colour, but also answers the brief.

Clifford Gardens, London


A typical tired looking front garden of a Victorian house. We  were asked to create a functional, yet smart, green, inviting front garden that fits with the character of the property. A lot to get into such a small area especially with 3 bins! A new wall was built, with a double opening one for foot traffic, one for bins, we managed to get a border into the design, a bike rack for 3 bikes, a beautiful Victorian path and still have room to walk from the front door to the bins!

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